Erin Dougherty Williams is a visual artist and creative entrepreneur. Born in Naples, Florida, she spent the first 18 years of her life exploring the southern coast of Florida. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001, she returned to Florida to manage the Photography Studio of Fashion Photographer, Jorge Alvarez. This opportunity allowed her to work with international clientele such as People Magazine, GQ, Dunlop and a variety of catalog clients. Erin later went on to assist a select few A-list fashion photographers. Her experience in the commercial side of photography provided her with the creative toolbox needed to articulate her ideas for her personal work. In 2007 she and her husband, Chihuly trained glass artist, Conrad Williams relocated to the Pacific NorthWest. Together they launched Glassblowing Studio and Fine Art Gallery, Studio West. Under Erin’s direction, the gallery grew to be rated the number one thing to do in the city of Eugene, Oregon. In late 2012 Erin committed to spending half of the year in her hometown, Naples, Florida. There, she continues to build on her 13 years of commercial retouching and shooting experience . She also is expanding her personal body of work and community portrait projects.
An avid people watcher, Erin aspires not only to capture what she sees, but to create images that convey what we don’t always see: our passions, anxieties and desires. She strives to combine her acquired skills in the commercial field with her conceptual background and fascination with story telling. Her images have been exhibited in numerous galleries around the country and have received awards, including one for her series “Vulnerable Silences” from William Zimmer, The New York Times art critic. A new mother, Erin looks forward to the many adventures that lie ahead.