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Welcome to the 3rd Grade's Class Craft Fundraiser! It was a joy getting to work with all of the children. They were eager learners and captured some beautiful moments. Thank you to everyone that came to the Gala and bid on the book. I know a few of you could not make it, but still had interest in the images. As a way to further support the school, all of these images are available for purchase. Individuals are $80 and a group of 4 is $200. Just email me the file numbers (shown below the image ) at [email protected] and send a check to school made out to Seacrest Country Day School, with Gala Photos in the memo. All proceeds will go to school. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out .

* Please note any images ordered will have the background cleaned up and evened out, if it is not already. Watermarks will, of course, be removed.