Frequently Asked Questions


How does this whole thing work? 

There are a handful of components. 

1. The introduction. Let’s get to know each other. I want to learn about you and your family and how you envision your final artwork. 

2. The booking Process. I will send you a link with a digital contract and link to pay for your session.

3. The consultation. Prior to the shoot I offer the option a wardrobe consultation. Your beautiful smiles are what we want to focus on. I lover to help clients coordinate outfits and create mood with their fashion and textile choices by making sure they coordinate in a way that adds to the shoot but does not distract. ( Due to covid, wardrobe consultations will be online until further notice ).

4. The photoshoot. This is when the magic happens. 

5. The big reveal. This is one of the ways I give my clients extraordinary service. Included in your photoshoot experience is a reveal presentation where you will see your images for the first time. This will be a special and unique experience for you and your family to enjoy in our gallery. We ask that you and all the decision makers in your family join us to select your favorite images as I guide you through the editing process. ( Due to covid, reveals will be online until further notice ).

What should we wear to our photo session?

Check out my what to wear page

What location do you recommend?

There are many great locations in Naples for photoshoots. I have a small studio or we can pick an outdoor that fits to look we want to achieve. I also do home shoots. Give me a ring and we can brainstorm. 

When is the best time to schedule a session?

For an outdoor session, the best time is at sunrise or 1.5 hours before sunset. 

How should we prepare for our session? 

For families with children, making sure they get enough rest and are well fed before the session is most important. Bring plenty of drinks along and snacks if you think your little one might get hungry and a small blanket or sheet if your child isn’t walking yet. For beach sessions, towels and a change of clothing might come in handy. It can be windy at the beach, so hair accessories are very helpful. You don’t have to bring any props but please feel free to if you so desire (a favorite toy, blanket, books, etc. for young ones). I also recommend bringing water/drinks to stay hydrated.

Why don’t I get all my images?

A session is just the avenue to create beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Having been in this business for over 15 years, I've seen many clients overwhelmed with the whole process of taking 250+ images. They don't know what to do with them and end up not doing anything at all, which turns out to be a big waste of your time and precious family memories. I want you to take home only what you truly love. Which is why I help you choose the perfect medium for your family's art. Having a few gorgeous portraits of your family displayed on your walls, or an heirloom book with a curated selection of images on your coffee table has a much higher value than having 250 mediocre ones stuffed in a drawer. 

When can we see our photos?

I will email you a link to view your photos 1-2 weeks after your session in a private, online gallery. Once you make your selections, It will take another 1-2 weeks to get your final images and prints. 

Do you offer prints, canvas prints and albums? 

Yes! I only offer the highest quality products for my clients. Please look here for a selection of products available. 

Do you edit the photographs?

Yes! I worked for 15 years as a commercial retoucher and want every detail to be considered.  I make small adjustments to exposure and color before you see you images. Once you have made your selection, I make further adjustments.

Do you give discounts or do " Minis" ?

I want all my clients to have the opportunity to shine in the best light and have my full attention. Therefor I do not offer mini sessions (short sessions, with many clients booked back to back ). I only book one client per day and put all my energy into making sure you have the best experience possible.

I do however love to see families come back year after year and watch the little ones grow! So I do offer a 10% discount for returning clients that book 2 more more shoots within the 14 months.