Erin Dougherty Williams | For Participants Only

Welcome to the 2015 OCF Portrait Project. I want to thank my fellow photographers Addie Mannan and Kelly Lyon for helping take pictures this year. Together we shot over 10,000 frames and I never could have had the pleasure of capturing all your beautiful faces without their hard work. If anybody is looking for a photographer in Eugene or Portland, look them up! They are full time Oregonians, unlike my gypsy self.
I am a Participant. Can I get A Free Picture?
Yes! One picture from each waiver (group or individual) is available for free download in digital format. It will be the first picture in the images of you (or your group). If you would like prints there are several sizes available for purchase. Purchasing prints or a book supports the project. Also, in most cases there were additional images shot. These additional images are available for purchase. You can purchase a digital file and print the pictures yourself, or purchase prints. The digital downloads are at a highly discounted price to keep them accessible to all (90% off my usual rate for full usage digital file). We hope everyone will consider making a purchase to support the project. In addition to the 4 days of set-up and shooting, over 80 hours were volunteered in the post production and editing of over 10,000 images.

To Find Your File

The files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the person in the portrait, or the first name on the waiver if more than one person participated. For example, if you were in a group shot and "Raven" was the first person on your waiver, all group photos AND any subsequent individual photos that were taken will be listed under "Raven". If you were shot as an individual and in a group, you may have files listed under both names.

How do I download the file?

Here are the 5 easy steps to download your image:

1. Scroll through images, find your picture and double click on it.

2.When the big picture of you pops up, click on the button on the left side of the page that says "All Products".

3. Select the "Free download ($0.00) " Product (Only 1 image per group is free, the others are available for purchase. However, the free image can be downloaded unlimited amount of times by all members in the group)

4. Add it to your cart.

5.Follow the checkout instructions. After checkout a link to the downloadable file will automatically be emailed to you.

* Additional prints may be purchased by following similar pop-up menu instructions. If you have any questions at all, please email me. Thanks for participating!
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